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Visitor's Guide to TV's Walnut Grove


This is a visitor's guide for people who would visit the Little House on the Prairie TV Show's Walnut Grove. Please note that this is NOT for the real Walnut Grove, Minnesota which does exist!

About Walnut Grove:
Walnut Grove was founded in 1840 by Lars Hanson. It was going to be called Hansonville, but he changed his mind because it was made by the whole town, not one person. Lars Hanson, Lem McCary, Jess Moffet, George Madox, Les Sutherland and his wife Maddy, all built the town. The town was named by Jess Moffet after the group of walnut trees on the hill. The name was briefly changed to Olesonville. The population of Walnut Grove is 127 people. It is nearby to Mankato, Sleepy Eye, Springfield, and Rochester.

Where to Stay:
Your best choice is to stay with the friends or relatives you are visiting here in Walnut Grove. But there are accomodations available at the Mae Flannery or the Wilder Boarding House. Nellie's Restaurant and Inn may also be open at the time of your visit.

Where to Eat:
Walnut Grove offers a variety of eateries for your dining pleasure. Check the date of your visit, as new restaurants are opening, and others are closing.

Nellie's Restaurant & Inn
Mrs. Sullivan's Kitchen
Oleson's Restaurant
Caroline's Restaurant

Where to Shop:
The Oleson's Mercantile has a wide variety of goods, including fabric, stoves, dry goods. Come by for a look!

Visit Ebenezer Sprague or Bill Anderson at Walnut Grove's Bank for all your banking needs.

Legal Services:
Adam Kendall is Walnut Grove's lawyer.

Religious Services:
Church is held in the white building at the end of Main Street, which also doubles as the schoolhouse. Services are held every Sunday morning, by Revered Robert Alden.

If your visit is permanent, we suggest enrolling your children in Walnut Grove's one-room school house, with their wonderful teachers.

Miss Eva Beadle; Mrs. Eva Simms
Mrs. Caroline Ingalls
Mrs. Harriet Oleson
Mr. Hannibal Applewood
Mrs. Alice Garvey
Miss Laura Ingalls; Mrs. Laura Wilder
Miss Eliza Jane Wilder
Miss Elliot
Miss Etta Plum
The subjects studied include history, spelling, grammar, math, french, art appreciation, reading, crafts, current events, government, and geography.

Walnut Grove has had two different newspapers, The Pen and Plow run by Harriet Oleson's uncle, and the less-controvesial, Walnut Grove Gazette run by Sarah Carter.

Postal Service:
Walnut Grove boasts a prompt postal service. Visit Mrs. Melinda Foster, Mrs. Whipple. Mrs. Kezia Horn, Mrs. Grace Snider Edwards, or Mrs. Alice Garvey for assistance.

Walnut Grove boasts a state of the art telegraph system to meet all your communication needs. Someone at the post office can assist you in sending messages. Walnut Grove also has a newly installed telephone system, but users should be warned that all conversations should not be considered private, due to recent eavesdropping incidents. Please see the Oleson family for more information.

If You Should Fall Ill....
Walnut Grove's physician is Dr. Hiram Baker, and he is knowledgeable on all the latest medical practices. Also, Dr. LeDoux, or Dr. Logan may be of assistance at the time of your visit.

Care for Livestock:
Care for your animals is available at the livery stable. Also, visit the Oleson Mercantile or the Wilder Feed Store for animal feed. Or visit the Walnut Grove Feed and Seed. The blacksmith, John Carter or Hans Dorfler, are available for reshoeing any animals.

Mrs. Whipple is available for those who need sewing or mending of garments done. Her work is highly recommended.

Shipping Services:
If you need any shipping or hauling done to nearby towns, please contact Mr. Charles Ingalls, or Mr. Jonathan Garvey. They are very reliable and will ensure your goods arrive at their destinations safely. Also, Mr. Almanzo Wilder and Mr. Charles Ingalls do deliveries.

For any woodwork which needs to be done, contact Isaac Singerman. His work is exceptional.

Brick Work:
For any brick work, please see Baker Makay. He has a great deal of experience in this field.

Please see one of Walnut Grove's fine blacksmiths, Hans Dorfler or John Carter, for all your blacksmith needs, including shoeing horses.

Walnut Grove has many sports teams, including Football and Baseball.

Walnut Grove has an exceptional record at upholding the law. Here are some of the more infamous criminals captured in Walnut Grove:

The Younger Brothers
Black Jake
The James Brothers




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