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Important Dates in the Ingalls Family Bible


  • Married in New Haven by Rev. Mr. Chusman: Henry N. Quiner to Charlotte W. Tucker, April 2, 1831.
  • Married in Concord, Wisconsin, by Delos Hale: Frederick M. Holbrook to Mrs. C.W. Quiner, June 3, 1849.


  • Martha M. Quiner -- born April 10, 1832.
  • Joseph C. Quiner -- born March 15th, 1834 -- Married to Nancy Frank in 1856.
  • Henry C. Quiner -- born Dec. 17, 1835 -- Married Polly M. Ingalls in 1859.
  • Martha J. Quiner -- born Nov. 6, 1837.
  • Caroline L. Quiner -- born Dec. 12, 1839.
  • Eliza Ann Quiner -- born April 21, 1842.
  • Thomas L. Quiner -- born Nov. 23, 1844.
  • Charlotte E. Holbrook -- born Jan. 20, 1854.
  • Charles Phillip Ingalls -- born Jan. 11, 1835 at Cuba, New York.


  • Married in Concord, Jefferson County, Wisconsin, by Rev. J.W. Lyman: Charles P. Ingalls to Caroline L. Quiner, Feb. 1, 1860.


  • Mary Amelia Ingalls born Tuesday, Jan. 10, 1865, Town Pepin, Pepin County, Wisc.
  • Laura Elizabeth Ingalls born Thursday, Feb. 7, 1867, Town Pepin, Pepin County, Wisc.
  • Caroline Celesta Ingalls born Wednesday, August 3, 1870, Montgomery Co., Kansas.
  • Charles Frederick Ingalls born Monday, Nov. 1st, 1875, Town North Hero, Redwood County, Minn.
  • Grace Pearl Ingalls born Tuesday, May 23, 1877, Town Burr Oak, Winneskick County, Iowa.
  • Almanzo Wilder, born Feb. 13, 1857. Near Malone, New York.


  • Charles Frederick Ingalls died on Sunday, August 27, 1876. buried in Town of South Troy, Wabasha Co., Minn., age 9 months.
  • Charles Phillip Ingalls died June 8, 1902, on Sunday in the town of DeSmet, Kingsbury County, South Dakota, aged 67 years and 5 months.
  • Caroline L. Ingalls died on Easter Sunday, April 20, 1923, in the town of DeSmet, S.Dakota, aged 84 years, 4 months and 8 days.
  • Mary A. Ingalls died Wednesday, Oct. 20, 1928, in Keystone, S.Dakota. Buried in family plot in DeSmet, S.Dakota, aged 63.
  • Caroline (Carrie) died in 1946, age 76. Her husband, Mr. Swanzey died in 1938, age 84.
  • Grace Ingalls (Dow) died in 1941 at Manchester, near DeSmet, S.Dak. Nathan Dow, her husband, died in 1943, age 84. Both are buried in DeSmet, S.Dak.
  • Almanzo James Wilder died in 1949, aged 92. Buried in Mansfield Cemetery, Mansfield, Mo.
  • Laura Ingalls Wilder died Feb. 10, 1957, age 90. Buried in Mansfield Cemetery, Mansfield, Mo.
  • Almanzo Wilder and Laura Elizabeth Ingalls were married Aug. 15, 1885




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